Brexit: A Catalyst to Put Cash to Work - June 2016

Ann Miller |

The Bottom Line

  1. Today: “Brexit”- Britain Exits the European Union, Global Markets Fall

  2. Affinity Capital Portfolios have averaged 50% in cash and fixed-income since the first quarter.
  • Affinity Capital has viewed the markets as overvalued and unsteady and have been awaiting a catalyst to put funds to work. We will evaluate today’s market activity as well as news over the weekend that will affect Monday’s open.
  • We have made some measured investments today and will continuously evaluate opportunities to incrementally invest portfolios.
  • Cash is widely considered to be a strategic part of the asset allocation of a portfolio. We have always considered cash as an investment allocation and a strategic decision rather than cash unused. Warren Buffet and Charlie Munger of Berkshire Hathaway have consistently promoted the use of high cash positions when warranted.  For retirement or long-term investors, monthly or quarterly cash positions are relatively short-term periods.
  • We limit our television time.  We are patient investors managing well-balanced portfolios ill-suited to a sports broadcast play by play approach.



Bad news may move investments but uncertainty rattles the markets

  • The markets were anticipating that Great Britain voters would elect to remain in the European Union, (EU)
  • The Uncertainties: 
    • How will this affect a major economy like Great Britain going forward, and then ultimately global economies and markets?
    • Is this the first domino to fall in an overall breakup of the EU?
  • The European Union was established in 1999 as a primarily economic partnership and secondarily a political and policy partnership among European Countries. 
    • The primary concern among voters in Great Britain was that the growing political and policy component of the EU had led to a loss of control and identity. Speci fically they wish to control their currency and borders. 
  • Currency valuations are key right now as the British pound has fallen to 1985 levels.  



  • As mentioned in a previous market comment, the Dow has had two declines of over 2500 points since last July. These two declines are warning flags.  A boxer may get up after getting knocked down in the first round and get up again after getting knocked down in the second round but a definite trend is developing. The Brexit could be the catalyst for a third.

With our partial investments today and additional cash to put to work at selected market levels, we feel well-positioned going forward.  Our investment selections and allocations lean to a defensive posture able to weather market weakness while participating in market gains.   

As always, please feel free to call with any questions.


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